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In July 1993 I began publishing the first of six Constitutional Enterprise Newsletters. The purpose of these early mailings was to outline the CE philosophy and approach. With the start of this Web Site there will not be any more paper-based versions of these newsletters. As time goes on there may be a need for additional newsletters, but instead of including philosophy, they will be used for describing implementation stories and lessons learned. Links to any future newsletters will be added to this page.

The first step for this web site was to convert the paper newsletters into HTML. Now I'm gradually creating new topic pages to more thoroughly explain the CE philosophy and approach. Eventually, the content of the original newsletters will be completely replaced by the individual topic pages. However, for historical purposes I plan to keep the original newsletters intact in their present form, even though their content will gradually become redundant.

    Constitutional Enterprise Vol. 1-1—Sets a theoretical foundation for later issues. Shows the ideological relationships between business structures and Socialistic structures. The purpose of this comparison is to show how we can learn from the mistakes of Socialism to improve our businesses.

    Constitutional Enterprise Vol. 1-2—Further develops the theoretical foundation for CE. Introduces a new theory of motivation—The LEO Perception/Behavior Model—and shows how a constitutional structure is ideally suited to motivating progress and prosperity.

    Constitutional Enterprise Vol. 2-1—The first newsletter to explain the basic structure of Constitutional Enterprise. It gives a brief overview of the three primary systems of CE—the Constitutional, Internal market, and profit sharing systems.

    Constitutional Enterprise Vol. 2-2—A response to feedback from readers. Explains more about the Internal Market System of CE and the absolute necessity to eliminate traditional top-down authority structures within a CE business.

    Constitutional Enterprise Vol. 2-3—Another response to questions by readers. This issue continues the discussion of socialism and capitalism and shows how businesses, in a capitalistic society, with capitalists in charge, can indeed contain a socialistic structure. This issue also takes a flight of fancy, and considers what would have happened if CE could have been implemented 150 years ago.

    Constitutional Enterprise Vol. 2-4—Contains a description of the Constitutional system of CE; explains the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches.

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